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Yul Edochie Siblings And Their Biography



Yul was born on the 7th of January 1982 as Yul Chibuike Daniel Edochie, the actor was born in Lagos into a family of veteran Nollywood actor Pete Edochie and his wife Josephine Edochie.

Yul Edochie was raised both in Lagos and Enugu states alongside his other siblings he attended the University of Port Harcourt where he received a Bachelor of Art in dramatic art before going into Nollywood in 2005.

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Yul Edochie’s marital life has been a public discussion, especially since when he announced that he married a second wife and the drama that follows it, many people want to know more about his family, especially his siblings why do people want to know who his innings are, well this is because people believe that his siblings are the one that will caution him about his marriage with Judy and he will listen especially after they found out that Yul Edochie is the last born of the family.

Before now people used to think that Yul Edochie is the first son of the family because of how mature and responsible he does things back in the days but he is the last born, and the way he chase clout on the internet has proven it.

Many people want to know who Yule Edochies siblings are and what they do for a living in their marital status and children, in this post you will know all about that.

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Yul Edochie has 5 siblings 4 brothers and a sister, among his siblings only one of them ventures into acting but stops to do other things aside Nollywood as a matter of fact Yul Edochie’s other siblings are into a business far from the entertainment industry, among siblings is.

Leo Edochie

Leo Edochie is the first son and first child of Pete Edochie, he is a graduate University of Nigeria Nsukka, and he is in his 50s he is currently married to his beautiful wife Theodora Edochie and they are blessed with beautiful children.

Leo Edochie is not known by the public because he is not in the entertainment industry, and he lives in Port Harcourt Rivers state, he is popularly known in Port Harcourt as an industrialist and philanthropist he is an industrious businessman who owns a lot of business venture across the country.

Leo Edochie is the CEO of Solution Global Ventures Limited which is primarily a construction company, he also has in London in the United Kingdom, you will recall that Yul Edochie studied at the University of Port Harcourt his elder brother Leo helped him and supported him through his university days in Port Harcourt.

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Eva Edochie

Eva Edochie The second child of the family is Yul Edochie’s sister who chose to stay away from acting and fame, whenever Pete Edochie’s family portrait pops out you must see his only daughter often but she is not always talked about, although many have Been talking about her name and what she does for a living and marital status, but nothing about her is found on a public domain.

Eva Edochie is the second child of the family she grew up in Enugu state and studied at City Girls Secondary School Enugu state, Nigeria, after bee secondary school education she processed to Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT), where she graduated in 2010, she is married with children.

For unknown reasons Eva Edochie chooses to stay away from acting and fame and she decided to do other things rather than starring in movies like her father and other siblings, Yul is known for bragging about his family member and sharing experience he had with them but he never talked about his only sister not even a birthday wish, whatever the case might be only the family knows why she has never been talked about maybe that is what she wanted to maintain a private lifestyle or there are other reasons why the family don’t talk much about her on social media.

Uche Edochie

Uche Edochie is the second son of Pete Edochie and the third child of the family he is a painter, interior designer, photographer, and entrepreneur he has painted a lot of African art and artifacts you see in your favorite museum and art galleries in Lagos.

Uche is married with 3 lovely children two girls and a boy, Uche and his family live in Lagos, and his two daughters are growing up rapidly.

Linc Edochie

Linc Edochie is the third son and the fourth child of Pete Edochie, he is a Nigerian actor, director, and scriptwriter his career as an actor started in 1995 taking up roles in drama and so far he has appeared in many movies.

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Linc has starred in multiple Nigerian movies including One Life, My Wicked Uncle, Tears of Sacrifice, and many others in most of the movies he has starred in Linc has managed to execute his role properly at least according to his fans.

In 2018 Linc Edochie decided to venture into academics as he now owns a school that has Creches, Pre Nursery, Nursery, and a Primary school. Linc has been married to Amaka Linc Edochie since 4th December 2010, however little is known about the number of kids he has upto date.

Gene Edochie

Gene is the fifth child of the family, he is the CEO and managing director of Space Caliber Limited, an architecture firm that specializes in corporate residential and commercial interior design offering building construction and furniture customizing.

Gene graduated from the University of Nigeria Nsukka with a Master of Science and Architecture, he also has a fashion and style designing company which is mostly run by his wife who is into invent photography, Gene is currently married with lovely children who are not known to the public.

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Yul Edochie

The last born of the family is Yul Edochie and he is the sixth child of the family a lot of speculation has been going on that Yul Edochie has a twin brother, but no Yul Edochie is not a twin and he doesn’t have a twin brother or a twin sister.

He is a Nigerian actor named after a popular Russian actor Yo, Yul Edochie was raised both in Lagos and Enugu states alongside his other siblings he attended the University of Port Harcourt where he received a Bachelor of Art in dramatic art before going into Nollywood in 2005.

In 2015 Yul Edochie opened a film academy in Lagos, he lunch the academy as a result of the decline in the quality and professionalism of upcoming Nigerian actors and actresses, on the 14th of July 2017 Yul Edochie declared his intention to run for governor of Anambra State this declaration was made in anticipation of not too young to run bill passed by the Senate of Federal Republic of Nigeria just like his father he got married at the age of 22, he has three sons and a daughter.

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But unfortunately, his first son died in 2023, however in April 2022, be reported that he has gotten married to a second wife and her name is Judy Austin, he has two kids from his second wife a boy and a girl.

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