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How To Use Onion Juice For Healthy Hair



Your body needs constant care to stay healthy one clear indicator of overall good health is strong hair, hair should be strong and thick so today let us see how onion can give you good hair health.

Onion juice co rains plenty of sulphur which increases the production of collagen, this collagen goes to produce healthy skin cells which stop hair loss.

Not only this but onion juice also contains an antioxidant enzyme called catalase, this enzyme nourishes hair follicles to improve hair growth onion juice also prevents scalp infections and dandruff.

Method Of Using Onion Juice For Healthy Hair

Just peel one onion and chop it into pieces then blend those pieces of onion and filter the pulp in a cotton cloth, this will extract the juice of the onion.

Apply this juice using your finger on your scalp or use a cotton pad to massage it nicely into your scalp and let it sit there for 30-40 minutes before you rinse it off with mild shampoo.

If you wish you can use it 3-4 times a week but remember to apply only fresh onion juice every time, red onion juice is a better choice because red onion has more sulphur and a better ability to fight bacterial or fungal infection.

You may even combine onion juice with castor oil or coconut oil if your routine is to oil your hair before shampooing before you try this home remedy do a patch test by applying a little onion juice on your skin for an hour to find out if you are allergic to onion.

Those who have allergies or suffer from psoriasis or eczema should not use this method.

However, in addition to using onion juice, there are also other things you can do to have healthy hair growth for example you need to eat a balanced diet, and you need to massage your scalp regularly, avoid excessive use of harsh chemicals also avoid styling instruments, sleep well and get some exercise.

If you are mindful of these simple things your hair would be dandruff free, well nourished long and shiny.



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