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Top 10 Richest Actors In Nigeria 2023 & Net Worth



In this post, we are going to talk about the richest actors in Nigeria in 2023 and their net worth, a lot of you are fans of the actors but you don’t know much about them but here I will list out the richest actors in Nigeria.

List Of Richest Actors In Nigeria And Their Net Worth

10. Pete Edochie – $3.3 Million

When you talk about old money in the movie industry Pete Edochie will not soil your mind because the veteran actor has a career that has spanned over 35 years now, bow could someone’s career be older than most of his fans.

Actually, he used to be among the top 5 richest actors back in the day but since hai acting career has slowed down because of his old age, the younger ones are now taking over.

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Pete Edochie charges around 3 million naira per movie and he has acted in over 300 movies, because of his high fees in 2005 the Actor Guild of Nigeria sanctioned Pete Edochie and other actors one year ban for charging too much from producers and directors his most notable endorsement des is with Life Lager Beer but in 2018, Pete Edochie endorsed with Wikipedia by appearing in a video to increase the use of Wikipedia by old generations.

9. Nkem Owoh – $4 Million

Being funny pays well in Nigeria, Nkem Owoh is a living witness because he is among the legendary actors who act in funny movies that make people happy, bi’s estimated net worth can be attributed to his good roles in movies and his other businesses.

Nkem is the only veteran actor that has been listed as one of the highest-grossing actors in cinema movies in 2022 by Film One. This is to tell you how far Nkem has gone however he charges about 2 million naira or more per movie and has acted in over 300 movies.

He is the brand ambassador of Hero Beer, MTN, and was the NDC campaign advert in Ghana where he met the Ghanaian President. Nkem reportedly said no to a 10illion offer to endorse Tinubu in the 2023 presidential election, it was speculated that he was initially offered 5 million naira to endorse Tinubu, but was refused, and when the offer was allegedly doubled his high net with be still refused.

With all this wealth that has been attributed to the actor he is not the one that flaunts bus expensive lifestyle on the internet but he has houses in Enugu and Lagos.

8. Mike Ezuruonye – $4.2 Million

Mike is one of the big boys in the Nollywood movies industry today, his acting career is the major source of his net worth but aside if appearing on the camera he has other income sources including his endorsement deals and his career as a movies producer.

Mile charges from 1.5 million naira per movie and he has acted in over 350 movies, he has signed a lot of endorsement deals such as Airtel, Checkers Custard, DPKay Homes and Properties, Paradise Foreshore Estate, Glo, and many more.

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Mile has a multi-million naira mansion in Lekki Lagos, and his expensive car includes Range Rover Sport, Mercedes Benz ML SUV, Acura SUV and many more.

7. Yul Edochie – $6 Million

Yul Edochie is a Nigerian actor and entrepreneur actor he is one of the most-paid big boys in Nollywood, Yul has made a lot of money from directing and producing a lot of movies in Nigeria.

In 2015 Yul opened a film academy in Lagos, aside from acting he is also a politician he was the SSA to the Anambra state Governor on creative and entertainment media talking about his endorsement deal Yul and his daughter modeled for Nino smartwatch he is also the brand ambassador of phamatex company, Life Lager Beer, Longrich, Paint Roxettes, Afrosini Century Garden Estate, Oros Fragrance, and many other.

Richest Actor in Nigeria

Yul has a house in Anambra state and Lekkk Lagos where he lives with his family, his expensive car includes a Mercedes Benz GL450, Lexus GX460, Range Rover Sport, and many others.

6. Osita Iheme – $6.6 Million

Osita Iheme is one of those actors that has contributed a lot to the Nigerian movie industry but from his look alone it’s very hard to tell that he is very rich well, the veteran actor has been acting for decades now and can play both child roles and adult roles in movies has made him one of the highest paid actors in Nigeria and he has started in over 500 movies this must has brought him quite a fortune.

However, acting is not the only source of his income Osita is one of the few actors who are successful businessmen one of his businesses is known for his hotel in Owerri Imo state and the luxury got is called the residence he also owns a bar which is called Indoors.

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Osita has a big farm which is full of vegetables and crops and it is also known that he is a transportation company he is the owner of a movie production APEN which stand for “Aki and Pawpaw Entertainment Nigeria”.

When it comes to Osita assets it quite huge and expensive but he is not the type of actor that shares his expensive lifestyle on social media, talking about his cars we only know that he owns a Mercedes Benz G-wagon and he owns a luxury house both in Lagos and Imo state, his estate can be found in Owerri Imo state where his other investments are and it said to worth over 100 million naira.

5. Ramsey Nuoah – $7.1 Million

Ramsey Nuoah is an actor who is known for playing lover boy roles in movies he has acted in a lot of movies and still counting, as an actor Ramsey Nuoah charges about 3 million naira per movie and has acted in over 370 movies.

Ramsey Nuoah is also a movie producer and director he is the owner of a movie production company known as Ramsey Films, Ramsey Nuoah is not the type that flaunts wealth on social media and he barely posts his wife and children on social media.

Richest Actors In Nigeria

But despite keeping his life private we managed to know the expensive cars he owns two Rangers cars black and, he also has a passion in Lekki Lagos where he lives with his family.

4. Zubby Micheal $7.7 Million

Hubby Michea is not just an actor he is also a movie producer he has also moved into politics by accepting the appointment as the special adviser on media to Willi Obiano the ex-governor of Anambra state, all this occupation has earned him the recognition of highest pay, and most influential actor in Nigeria.

In 2021 he claim that he made over 100 million naira from movie acting which was also confirmed by actor Yul Edochie to be true, Zubby Micheal has signed a lot of endorsement deals with brands such as Lekki Luxury Cars, Odogwu Bitter Drink, Tecno, Meridian, and many more.

Zubby Michael has a house in the southeast part of Nigeria built in 2019, and in 2020 he built another house in Lagos making it two houses to his name, he owns several luxury cars which include a Mercedes Benz 4matic, Range Rover Sport, Mercedes Benz G-wagon, Toyota Land Cruiser, Lexus SUV and many more.

3. R.M.D – $10 Million

Richard has left an I credible mark in the Nigerian industry considering how influential he has been in recent years, he has been ranked as one of the most influential celebrities who has makes a lot of wealth from Nollywood not just as an actor but as well as a movie producer and director.

Richard charges 2-3 million naira per movie and he has acted in over 400 movies, aside from acting he has also moved into politics he was appointed as the special adviser of culture and tourism to Governo Emmanuel in 2008, and he then become the commissioner for culture and tourism in Delta, he tenure started in 2009 and ended in 2015.

2. Jim Iyke – $12 Million

When you talk about aggressive hustling actor Nim Iyke is that guy, he has taken movie acting and movie production to another level by earning so much from his craft, as an actor he charges who charges 2 million naira per movie and he has acted in over 400 movies and as a movie producer and director he is known for producing a lot of blockbuster movies that you see today.

Richest Actors In Nigeria

Jim Iyke is also an entrepreneur and businessman he is the owner of Bugceon Table Water, and he is also the owner of a fashion brand and clothing brand known as Untamed Closet, aside from all the business, he has signed a lot of endorsements with Wear It All Luxury Brand, Mr Taxi, Adonko Bitter.

Richest Actors In Nigeria

Jim Iyke has a lot of expensive cars which include the Chebrolet Camaro, Merced Benz CLS600, Mercedes Benz G-wagon, Ranger Rover, Rolls Royce, Honda SUV, Toyota Land Cruiser, and many others, he has a mansion in Abuja and Lagos.

1. Desmond Eliot – $17 Million

When you combine acting and full-time politics it brings a lot of money, Desmond is one of the old Nollywood actors who successfully ventured into politics, Desmond charges about 2.5 million naira per movie and he has starred in over 250 movies, he is also a movie producer who has made much money from movie production.

Richest Actors In Nigeria

Desmond Eliot is the brand ambassador of Gulder Beer which is one of the notable endorsement deals had before venturing into politics, talking about his political career he contested and won the Surulere constituency on the 11 April 2015 general election however he Is not the type that flaunts bus expensive lifestyles on social media.



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