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Business Ideas For Ladies In Nigeria



Today we are going to discuss business ideas for ladies in Nigeria, there are some businesses you can start up in Nigeria as a lady with just 50,000 naira, these are just relatable and I don’t think you have to spend more than one month in learning if at all you have to learn them.

List Of Business Ideas For Ladies In Nigeria

1. Cleaning Services

This business is booming in Nigeria when it started it was dull but now people are going into it and the reason is that everyone is busy in this country no one has time to stress themselves.

You can start up this business alone or you can recruit 3-4 workers, you don’t have to be paying them on monthly vases you will pay them per job because paying them per month will make you lose in a way, so you will discuss with them they will be free to be doing their normal jobs but anytime you have a job you can call them to come to help you out.

2. Breakfast

The breakfast business is good you don’t need to be on the roadside you can package yours in a very nice way, like people that fry cake bean (akara) in this the morning, and those who also fry plantain you can add pap, tea, noodles must breakfast business you can come out in the morning and do your business around noon you have gone home.

3. Daycare

Daycare business is okay provided that you have enough space and a clean environment and if you are a carrying person you can start up a daycare business, you can start up with your neighbors, and church members that have kids tell them that you are into daycare business.

Every month they will be paying you, and before they go to work they will drop their kids at your place, you can start the daycare business alone as time goes on you can employ people, this day babysitting is not free you can make money out of it.

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4. Laundry

Selling underwear is a business ideas for ladies in Nigeria, with 50,000 naira you can buy enough underwear for women and you can tell your friends and people around you to patronize you from there you will have customers who will patronize you.

5. Small Chops

Making small chips like peanuts, plantain chips, and potato chips, even if you are working you can sell them in your workplace.

Business ideas for ladies in Nigeria

6. Food

The food business is very okay you don’t have to be at the roadside you can start up from home, all you have to do is to tell people about your food business.

7. Jewelry

The jewelry business is very okay, you don’t need to buy expensive ones you can start with the ones less expensive.

8. Fashion Designer

A fashion design business can be a great option for women who are interested in fashion and the art of dressing themselves, as well as women who have an eye for fashion. To start your own fashion design business, you can start a clothing line or website where you can sell your designs. This small business idea is highly customizable so you can decide what type of designs you want to sell.

9. Nutritionist

Getting a certification for being a nutritionist might take longer, but it’s also a great option if you love food and a healthy lifestyle. You can find clients through friends and family and work with them face-to-face or offer online coaching.

10. Make-up artists

Another beauty-related business idea is becoming a make-up artist. You can do make-up without a certificate, but you can get one in any beauty school if you want. Start with doing make-up on friends and family and get referrals that way.

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