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Bright Money Review, How It Works



Let’s talk about how bright money how it works and everything it can do for you, let’s start with what makes Bright money so different.

Bright money is a new mission-driven system to delete debt and build wealth it’s a radical shift in American financial life developing a world-class data science usually reserved for the elite and using it to deliver life-changing results for everybody.

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It’s a powerful new system that helps everyone reach their personal goals by automatically moving money when it makes sense for you, so far Bright has made over $150 million in debt payments saving the average user $744 each year.

So how does that work Bright money uses a new patented technology called money science a system of 34 algorithms that studies your finances learns about your goals and makes payments for you delivering real results automatically.

Every 2-3 days your Bright plan moves a small amount from your checking account into your Bright account based on your goals and your current finances then Bright makes your card payments for you or they add your Bright savings pickets always following your goals and always optimize for growth.

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For every user, the money science system builds a personalized Bright plan a step-by-step path for delivering your goals, you can add and manage credit cards switch up your savings, and see progress and projections or you can set it and forget it and let Bright get to work.

You can make withdrawals anytime any funds held in your Bright money account can be returned to your bank checking account whenever you want.

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1 Comment

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