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What Is Finance



What is finance today I will tell you what you need to know about finance, finance is defined as the management of money and includes activities like investing, borrowing, lending, budgeting, saving, and forecasting.

Types Of Finance

There are 3 main types of finance

  1. Personal Finance
  2. Corporate Finance
  3. Public / Government Finance

Examples Of Finance

There are many different career paths and a job that performs a wide range of finance activities, here is a list of the most common examples.

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  1. Investing personal money in stocks, bonds, or guaranteed investment certificates (GICs)
  2. Borrowing money from institutional investor bonds on behalf of a public company.
  3. Lending money to people by providing them with a mortgage to buy a house.
  4. Using Excel spreadsheets to build a budget and financial model for a corporation.
  5. Saving personal money in a high-interest savings account.
  6. Developing a forecast for government spending and revenue collection.

Finance Topics

There is a wide range of topics professionals in the finance industry are concerned with such as:

  1. Interest rate and spreads
  2. Yield (coupon dividends)
  3. Financial statements (Balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement)
  4. Cash flow ( free cash flow, other types of cash flow)
  5. Profit (net income)
  6. Cost of capital
  7. Rate of return
  8. Dividends and return if capitals
  9. Shareholders.
  10. Risk and return

Sources Of Financial Information

Some of the most popular and helpful resources to get financial information

  • Google Finance> Market data, stick price and news
  • The SEC website> Company fillings
  • Bloomberg

Finance Careers

Some of the most popular career paths

  • Commercial banking
  • Personal Banking or (or private banking)
  • Investment banking
  • Wealth mmanagement
  • Corporate finance
  • Mortgage / Lending
  • Accounting
  • Financial planning
  • Treasury
  • Audit
  • Equity research
  • Insurance.
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