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What Is Green Finance



Let’s talk about what is green finance, hundreds of billions of dollars in investment are needed to address climate change that includes investment in clean energy and efficient transport to reduce carbon emissions.

Investment is also required for infrastructure to protect communities from extreme and volatile weather public sector investment is important but movements alone can not meet the demand.

Private sector investment is critical green finance is the key Green finance refers to a range of the innovative financial instrument and mechanisms that encourage green investment the result is that more capital flows to unsustainable sectors such as coal minerals and chemicals.

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Here at the international institute for sustainable development, we are working with the government and the financial sector on getting the right policies in place that is now happening.

The European Union says listed companies must reveal their environmental and social policies, and the Bank of England assesses the climate risk facing insurance companies, Brazil requires banks to consider environmental and social risks when making loans, and in China Green Finance is becoming essential for policymakers as the country confront the environmental crisis.

For example, a green credit line provides loans for conservation and emission reduction projects companies seeking financing must conduct an environmental audit and the carbon market is being developed.

A lot remains to be done but as countries like China are any judge green finance has a bright future.

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1 Comment

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